September 21, 2022

Award design and make project honours Sir Edmund Hillary

The Hillary International Awards for Health and Care Leadership,named in honour of Sir Edmund Hillary with the support of his son Peter,challenged the Lab to come up with a design that referenced the climbing of Everest.  Working with this inspiration the FabLab team designed plaques bearing ice picks based on the design used by Sir Edmund.  The 60 awards incorporated arrange of techniques from CNCing the American walnut plaques that were then laser engraved with the inscription and designing the pick heads using Computer Aided Design (CAD) which were then 3D printed. All the elements were then hand finished and the awards constructed in the Lab.  

Three variations on the design were created - the Bronze Basecamp, Silver Ascent and Gold Summit awards. The client also commissioned a range of medals in UV printed stainless steel mounted in a black walnut wood surround that were presented to award nominees.

Gold Summit Award
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