January 6, 2023

Award season is approaching

The FabLab team works with all kinds of organisations to design awards that reflect their brands and values - as well as their budgets - from the British Transport Police and the NHS to film makers, Sport Wales and government bodies. Awards can be made from wood, metal, sustainable plastics and resins and incorporate all the technologies the Lab uses from CNC routing and 3D printing to laser cutting and engraving.  

A good example that was designed recently for the University’s Students’ Union were the Met Awards.  The Lab designed a chunky brick made from steamed beech engraved on the laser cutter, a striking but simple design that was very tactile.  As with all awards it was important that the awards looked good when displayed before presentation, photographed well while being presented and were impressive once displayed on their own by their recipients.

To kick off the design process, the Students’ Union team printed out images of the kind of awards that appealed to them and then the Lab’s Manager suggested some designs that met their spec while also falling within the budget.  The design was then developed through conversations to ensure the final version met all their needs.  

The Lab is looking forward to working with the Students’ Union again to make something memorable to recognise students’ and staff members’ achievements in 2023.

If you would like to discuss your award needs please get in contact.

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