January 7, 2019

FabLab and Nesta Collaboration

Nesta spent the day designing and then making a table and a custom notice and pin board, with great success! They look great and was an impressive feat to get it all designed and made in a day. Here are some photos and what Nesta had to say about the day;

"How did you find the day as a whole?"

I was so impressed by the support and guidance we received from the Fablab team.
Really fun, really productive and really pleased with the finished results
It seemed like exceptional value getting all the materials and support!
A really fantastic experience and in awe of the work you do!

"How did you find the support and guidance from the Fablab team?"

Super encouraging and spot on! They were really patient and understanding with us and really helped to translate our ideas.
So good, expertise and knowledge was key to the day being a success.
Excellent -they were patient and explained everything really well. We always had the option to participate or step back, depending on what we wanted to do.
Really excellent - knowledgeable about the machines and materials and able to guide us to a solution
Fitting the table together
Tricky Work fitting the table together!
Nesta and Fablab collaboration in making furniture
The final pieces fitted into their space!

If you are interested in hiring out the Fablab for the day and working on a bespoke project, get in touch! We are more than happy to answer any questions and do our best to cater to all needs.

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