February 20, 2020

Lighting up the Global Lounge

The light box has been designed to be a feature in the Global Lounge which also makes it visible to students, staff and visitors as they walk through the Campus.

The frame was modelled in CAD by Technical Specialist Lewis Thomas using Solidworks and then machined out on the Lab’s CNC machine.  A LED strip was then used to illuminate the inside of the box and the lettering was engraved with a laser cutter on to frosted acrylic.  The city skyline was cut out of thin veneer also using the laser cutter.

If you have ideas for a bespoke light box for your business or home please contact FabLab and their team of designers and makers who will be happy to talk to you about how to commission a unique piece that meets your needs.

• A CNC’d light box for the Llandaff campus global lounge

• Frame was modelled in CAD (Solidworks) then machined out using the CNC machine

• LED strip was used to

• Lettering was engraved onto frosted acrylic

• City skyline was cut out of thin veneer using the laser cutter

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