V track Experience day

This event run at the Fablab Cardiff involves a set of teams or individuals building mini kit cars from a set of components made here at the Fablab. At the end of the day when the teams think they have come up with their fastest car, the teams go head to head, racing their cars down the our very own V track, built here at the Fablab, to see who will be crowned winner. We also keep a global scoreboard to see if anyone can built the fasted ever V track car and make Fablab history!

This fun and educational day is suitable for anyone ages 10+. Whether its for the purpose of practical leaning, team building or just to challenge yourself and have fun, the V tracks has it all covered!

The days begins with an introduction to the tasks and the V track followed by an example of a built car and how it runs down the track. Then the group, depending on the size is split into teams and the building begins! There is usually a break for lunch and then the racing can begin shortly after the break, depending on how race ready the teams are!

The size of the groups can range from 6 to 20, with the best number being around 10. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch and if you are interested in booking give us a ring.

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