Computer Aided Design Stations at the Fablab

CAD Stations

Fablab has a range of computer stations with a range of software on for use with the Fablab machines and workshops. The software ranges from Solidworks to the full adobe creative suite. The computers are free to use when using a machine within the Fablab such as a 3D printer or lasercutter and come with fast processors and memory to handle the software.


Solidworks, Fusion 360, Adobe Creative Suite, Meshmixer, Cura, Preform


Quad-core processors with SSD harddrives and 8-16gb of Ram


Free for Fablab users

Computers with CAD preinstalled
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machine faq

You don't have some of the software that I need to work on my project in the Fablab

If you have a specific software requirement you can request it, we may be able to add it onto the computers or have it elsewhere in the Lab, alternatively you are welcome to bring in a laptop with it on and use our free WIFI