3D Printing

Date Upon Request

This 1 hr induction will use a combination of taught demonstration and hands on practice to allow you to gain an understanding of 3D printing.

3D printing is currently at the forefront of advanced prototyping and model making. It allows the user to print parts, models and figures with relative ease, where otherwise this producing the models may have been an expensive and long process.

During this short training course, you will learn the basics, starting by choosing a 3D model from a pre-approved library to work from. You will then be guided through the 3D print process; using the 3D printing software, loading the printer with material and finally printing a model (which you are welcome to come and collect later on). Once this is complete, it will allow you to come and use the 3D printers in the Fablab wherever you need.

We can also offer further 3D printing training to advance your knowledge of the 3D printer if you have particularly complex parts to print or want have further needs beyond the initial training. This would also be covered in our Bespoke Training Package.


1 hour







Preparation Needed





Course faq

Do I need prior experience of CAD?

No, we will run you through 3D printing right from the bottom up, no prior experience of CAD or 3D printing is required

Do I need to bring anything?

If you have a file you would like to 3D print, then bring it along! But this is not necessary if you don't have one

I had training but I have forgotten how to use the printers, do I still need to pay for a full induction?

No, can offer our support to help you remember how to use it and you don't need to pay for a full hour, just as long as it takes for you to get back up to peed. typically this is 1/2 hour so it would be £20.