3D Scanning

Date upon request

3D scanning has developed hugely over the past decade, the technology accurately allows you to scan almost any real world object and generate a digital 3D model.

suitable for manipulation and rapid manufacture. This workshop with guide you through the process of 3D scanning an object using two methods; handheld scanning and turntable scanning. We will explain the technicalities of 3D scanning an object and run through some of the problem that can be encountered. You will get a chance to get hands on with the 3D scanner and experience this technology yourself.


3 hours




Evan Moore



Preparation Needed



Course faq

Do I need prior experience of 3D scanning?

No! We will teach you from the bottom up

Can I bring something along to 3D scan?

Yes, please do. But keep it fairly small as we wont have time for scanning larger objects

Can I 3D print the scan from the workshop?

Yes, feel free to 3D print anything we scan in the workshop. But this will be charged separately as this is not included in the workshops. Please book onto our 3D printing workshop if you would like to follow the workshop up with some 3D printing, the go together really well!