3D Scanning

Date upon request

Over the past decade, 3D scanning technology has made significant strides, enabling the precise digitization of nearly any real-world object into a manipulable and rapidly manufacturable digital 3D model.

Our workshop will guide you through the entire process of 3D scanning an object, from the initial scan to the final digital model. We'll delve into the technical aspects of 3D scanning, addressing common challenges and providing solutions.

Participants will have the opportunity to engage directly with our 3D scanning equipment, gaining firsthand experience with this cutting-edge technology.


Multiples of 1 hour





Preparation Needed



Course faq

Do I need prior experience of 3D scanning?

No! We will teach you from the bottom up.

Can I bring something along to 3D scan?

Yes, please do. But keep it fairly small as we wont have time for scanning larger objects.

Can I 3D print the scan from the workshop?

Absolutely, you are welcome to 3D print any objects we scan during the workshop. Please note, however, that 3D printing services are billed separately, as they are not covered by the workshop fee. For those interested in expanding their skills, we highly recommend enrolling in our 3D printing workshop. It complements the scanning workshop perfectly, offering a seamless experience from scanning to printing!