CNC Training Package

Date upon Request

This course provides an unparalleled opportunity to gain hands-on experience with our large CNC machine. Designed for individualized attention, our one-to-one training sessions will take you through the entire CNC machining process. Starting with importing files into our CNC software, you'll learn everything from machine setup and maintenance to executing your projects with precision. Once you've mastered the necessary skills, you'll have the autonomy to use the machine independently.

Beyond offering greater flexibility in utilizing our flatbed CNC machine, this course imparts critical knowledge and experience in CNC technology and its vast capabilities.

The curriculum covers a comprehensive range of topics, including:

While some basic experience with CNC machines and an understanding of vectors and 3D files are beneficial, this course is designed to be adaptable to your specific CNC machine requirements.


4 full (8 Hour)days.


£1500 - £2000 Depending on Experience.


Intermediate to Advanced.



Preparation Needed

Basic knowledge of how a CNC machine works

Experience working with 2/3D CAD in some form

Experience working with heavy machinery is desirable


Course faq

Do I have to learn both 2D and 3D cutting?

No we can tailor this training package to you, if you only need to cut 2D work, we can talk to you about your requirements and come up with a tailored package with an adjusted price to match.