CNC Training Package

Date upon Request

This course will offer you the exclusive chance to get you hands on with our large CNC machine. Offering you one-to-one training, this package will guide you through the process of CNC machining right the way from importing files into our CNC software through to set up and maintenance of the machine itself. Onece we are happy that you are sufficiently trained up on the machine, you will be able to come in and use it on your own.

No only does this give you more freedom with regards to the use of our flatbed CNC machine, but it also gives you invaluable knowledge and experience using a CNC machine and what the technology has to offer.

The course will run through the following areas-

Some prior basic prior experience of CNC machines is desirable, along with a basic understanding of vectors and 3D files. This package can be tailored to your requirements of the CNC machine.


4 full (8 Hour)days


£1500 - £2000 Depending on Experience




Intermidiate to Advanced



Preparation Needed

Basic knowledge of how a CNC machine works

Experience working with CAD in some form

Experience working with heavy machinery is desirable


Course faq

Do I have to learn both 2D and 3D cutting?

No we can tailor this training package to you, if you only need to cut 2D work, we can talk to you about your requirements and come up with a tailored package with an adjusted price to match.