Fusion 360 CAD Training

Date Upon Request

This training course is designed to introduce you to Autodesk Fusion 360, an indispensable tool that you can access both in our FabLab and from the comfort of your home. During this workshop, we encourage you to bring a small object—anything as simple as a pencil or an iPod will do. Using this item, we'll guide you step-by-step through the process of creating a 3D model of your object, from the initial sketch to the final product. We'll also highlight the key features of Fusion 360 and share valuable tips to enhance your modeling skills.

Fusion 360 stands out for its versatility, integrating design, simulation, and manufacturing capabilities into a single platform. It's an excellent resource for students, hobbyists, and startups alike, offering a comprehensive suite of tools to bring your ideas to life.


Multiples of 1 hour

Or 3 hours and bring your own item.


£40 per hour





Preparation Needed

For the 3 hours bring along a simple object to draw from.


Course faq

What kind of object should I bring?

Think simple. A pencil, a phone, a paperclip, or a water bottle are all good examples.

I already have experience using CAD, will it be applicable to Fusion 360?

It depends on the CAD program you have been using, often those skills are transferable.

I already use Fusion 360 but just want to further my skills, can you cover more advanced modelling?

Yes, we can tailor the workshop to your needs.