Laser Cutting

Date upon request

This short induction will introduce you to the word of lasercutting and will allow you to come and use our lasercutters at your convenience.

Lasercutting is an incredible useful tool for cutting a range of materials and making quick models and prototypes. Whilst lasercutters cut flat sheet material these can be layered or slotted together to produce quick 3D models to begin realising your ideas. Using one is a very handy skill to have and the applications are huge! Check out our laser cutters on our facilities listing to see their capabilities

The course will begin by showing you the differnt types of cut a lsercutter ca achieve and what is needed from the software side of things to achieve this. We will then guide you through the setup and running of the lasercutter and show you it cutting. You then get a chance to give it a go yourself and once we are happy your are getting on okay, we will sign your of to use the machines! 


1/2 Hour









Preparation Needed

None, but knowledge of Adobe Illustrator is helpful


Course faq

Do need to know any particular software before this induction?

Knowledge of Adobe Illustrator is beneficial but not essential.

If I forget how to use the lasercutter can I have a refresher?

Yes, we appreciated it is not always easy to remember new, technical things so we will be around and happy to help. But anything more than 15 minuets of help start counting an extended induction. If you require a longer induction than 1/2 hour we can offer an 1 hour induction for £40.

Does the induction include material?

It includes a small sample square to cut onto but anything more than this will need to be paid for in addition.