Laser Cutting

Date upon request

This induction is your gateway to mastering lasercutting, enabling you to utilize our laser cutters at your convenience. Laser cutting is a remarkably versatile tool for slicing through various materials, perfect for crafting quick models and prototypes.

Although laser cutters primarily work with flat sheet materials, these can be innovatively layered or interlocked to create detailed 3D models, bringing your ideas to life. Acquiring proficiency in using a laser cutter is an invaluable skill, with extensive applications across different domains.

Visit our facilities listing to explore the capabilities of our laser cutters. The course kicks off by exploring the various cuts a laser cutter can achieve and outlines the software requirements necessary to accomplish these tasks.


1 Hour







Preparation Needed

None, but knowledge of how to create a vector file is helpful.


Course faq

Do i need to know any particular software before this induction?

Knowledge of Adobe Illustrator or how to create a vector is beneficial but not essential.

If I forget how to use the laser cutter can I have a refresher?

Yes, this is usually about 30 minutes.

Does the induction include material?

Yes materials for the induction are included.