Laser Cutting

March 9, 2019 11:00 AM

This one-session Saturday class will introduce participants to medium-power laser cutting technology – how it works, the variety of materials that can be cut and/or engraved, relevant safety standards, how computer files can be prepared for cutting, sending a file to the laser-cutter and initiating the cutting and how much it all costs.

Participants will use a supplied design to make a Hinged Plywood Handy Box - this can be engraved with any pattern or wording the participant chooses. Materials will be provided. These will be cut on FabLab’s 40 watt & 60 watt CO2 Epilog lasercutters. After the course, the instructor will be available for a further two hours. During this time, if they wish, participants can work on their own - but under supervision - to make one of :

1) Christmas Tree Decorations from scrap material found around the Lab.

2) Chinese Zhen Xian Bao Thread Book from paper.

3) Welsh Dragon Mobile.

For these, designs will be provided, materials will available at cost and instructions will be available on the web for completion at home. The aims of the course is to illustrate what can be done with a modern technologies, such as laser cutting. The course is open to adults of any ages/backgrounds and to children over 10-years old if accompanied by a supervising adult.

Pre-requisites for the course – enthusiasm to make things and basic computer literacy (little more than mouse-and-keyboard experience)

Courses will only run if we achieve the minimum numbers shown. So if you are available for more than one date, please let us know and we can use this info to fill up the most popular dates.


3 hours




Kevin Karney





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