Large Lasercutter Fablab

105w and 170W O2 Large Lasercutter

This lasercutter has a dual head with two high-power lasers; 105W and 175W. The most powerful of the two is capable of cutting steel oxygen assisted. Suitable for larger projects or projects requiring thicker materials to be cut, this machine is perfect for advanced or larger scale prototyping requiring clean and pinpoint edges to a high degree of accuracy.

Bed Size

1300mm x 900mm


105W and 175W

Files Required



Range of woods and plastics. 1.5mm steel.



Lasercutter Cardiff
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machine faq

Can I be inducted on this machine?

Unfortunately we can allow member of the public to use this large machine at this time

How thick plastic can it cut?

Up to 20mm

How thick wood can it cut?

Up to 9mm depending on wood