Lasercutter Cardiff Fablab

40W and 60W Helix Lasercutter

The Helix 24 has a generous working area 600 x 400mm and can accept work pieces up to 215mm in thickness. This laser features high definition optics that deliver the highest quality engraving consistently over the entire bed up to 1200dpi. It also accepts a standard rotary device for marking cylindrical items and can cut thicknesses of up to 6mm.

Bed Size

40W 400 x 300mm

60W 600 x 400 mm

Laser Power



Files Required

Vectors files such as those generated by Adobe Illustrator




Adobe Illustrator


Can engrave and cut a wide range of materials from hard and softwoods to plastics and papers, please esquire for more information

Max Cutting depth


40W and 60W lasercutter Cardiff Fablab
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machine faq

Can I be inducted on this Machine?

Yes! Please book onto one of our lasercutting workshops below

How fast is this machine?

The 60W machine can engrave a full sheet of material in about an hour