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Einscan HX and Pro+ 3D scanner

Innovatively integrated with dual blue LED light and blue laser, improves scanning materials adaptability with less limitation for a wider range of applications. LED light scanning allows rapid 3D scanning. Laser scanning, which is less sensitive to ambient light, gives better performance to reflective and dark color surface.


1,200,000 points/s in rapid scan mode

Handheld- 10 fps.


Handheld- 0.1mm

Automatic- 0.05mm

Up to 0.04 mm under Laser Scan

File Output



Einscan. Einscan HX


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Einscan 3D scanner Fablab HX
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machine faq

Does it scan shiny surfaces?

The scanner struggles with shiny surfaces, we recommend coating the surface with a matte water-based paint or talcum powder.

Can it scan a person?

Yes, so give us a ring to discuss your project.

Can I use the scanner?

Yes with an induction you can be trained to use the scanner. Please check out our 3D scanning induction.

Can I 3D print from a scan?

Yes, the scanner creates files in a STL format which is perfect for 3D printing.