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Einscan Pro+ 3D scanner

The EinScan-Pro is your best choice for capturing real world data to convert into a digital 3D model. It can be used for applications in manufacturing, engineering, design, development, testing, artwork archival, animation and even human form acquisition. The EinScan-Pro 3D scanner allows you to use physical objects to better conceptualize an idea or create a starting point for modeling in CAD (Computer Aided Design). The EinScan-Pro can capture textured and colored objects ranging in size from 0.03m up to 4 meters.


Handheld- 10 fps

Automatic- single scan takes less than 2 seconds.


Handheld- 0.1mm

Automatic- 0.05mm

File Output






Einscane 3D scanner Fablab
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machine faq

Does it scan shiny surfaces?

The scanner struggles with shiny surfaces, we recommend coating any shiny surfaces with a matte waterbased paint, or coat it in talcum powder, although this can affect the surface of the scan.

Can it scan a person?

Yes! It scans people well, although it can struggle with hair, so give us a ring to discuss your project

Can I use the scanner?

Yes, with a proper 3D scanning induction you can be trained up to use the scanner. Please check out our 3D scanning workshop

Can I 3D Print from a scan?

Yes, the scanner output files in an STL file format which is perfect for 3D printing.